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About Wayne Tyler

High-quality Architectural Concrete Lighted Bollards

Wayne Tyler specializes in concrete lighted bollards built to perform and protect. With multiple heights and finishes available, the products blend perfectly into both landscape and architecture!

Six Categories

Our Products

Wayne Tyler products are more than an object of display: The Gold Standard to perform without compromise of style.
Rennovate Rooms

100 Series

Square profile with tapered or straight base. Contemporary with optional shade.
Rennovate Rooms

200 Series

Variety of geometric shapes for institutional function and competitive pricing.
Outsourced Service

300 Series

Round profile with tapered or straight base. Unique combination of brass and copper.
Rennovate Rooms

400 Series

External & internal customized concrete LED products available as standard.
Rennovate Rooms

Barriers / Security

Lit and non-lit security arrays for municipal, government, hospitality, and more.
Outsourced Service

Power / Data

Concrete, indestructible electrical/systems box designed for landscape installation.


Designed to Perform without Compromise of Style

Using concrete as a bollard base allows for car stopping strength (car slowing at least) as well as allowing a greater variety of shapes that would be impractical in metal. By using aluminum or bronze and brass lighting elements, we can create an aesthetically pleasing counterpoint carefully integrated to the rugged look of the sculpted concrete base. The principle is that the shape of a structure or an object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose – a perfect blend between usability beauty and economy. This results in the delicate balance between art and science. Function should always proceed form. With the eye of an architect we look at the way the structure is designed internally as well as externally. At Wayne Tyler we take care of the needs and interests of our clients with functional durable and attractive lighting solutions.